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Millions of Americans are either approaching or are already entering into their retirement. As your retirement nears, you may become overwhelmed with many big decisions, like when is the best time to apply for social security. Whether you think you want to collect your benefits after the age of 62, or are waiting until 70, it is important that you work with some of the most knowledgeable social security specialists in Evansville to help you establish an effective retirement planning strategy.

Although there is a variety of factors you must consider, planning for your retirement does not have to be scary. When you work with Dittmer Asset Preservation, we make retirement planning and applying for your social security as simple and straightforward as we possibly can.

With almost a half a century of experience under our belt, you can trust Dittmer Asset Preservation to help you establish a plan that is right for you.

As an additional source of income after the age of 62, when you apply for your social security does make a difference. The earlier you withdraw your social security, the smaller your total monthly payout is going to be. When you decide to claim is in direct correlation with how much you are looking to obtain.

Knowing your optimal social security benefits age is an individual decision, and it is our goal at Dittmer is to work with you to help you make the best decision possible for the most favorable outcome and one that fits your retirement planning strategy.

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Working closely with specialists at our insurance company in Evansville will ensure that you apply for social security at the right time for your needs. For help deciding when to claim your social security, or for more information about how we can help you have a retirement planning strategy, get in touch with an agent at our insurance company today.